Review: Creature (Aha)

Tamil dubbed movies have made a splash in ‘Aaha’ this week. And on the same day, “elkeji ‘, the’ live ‘images, the company is streaming. Vetri and Karunakaran starrer ‘Jeevi’ was directed by VJ. Directed by Gopinath. Released in Tamil Nadu in June 2019, the film is now dubbed in Telugu. And let’s find out how this thriller movie is.

Srinivas (Vetri) from an ordinary farmer’s family comes to Hyderabad from the village in search of a job. After doing various jobs for a year, he finally gets a job in a juice shop. The tea master stays in the same room with Mani (Karunakaran). Srinivas falls in love with Anandi (Monica) who works in a cell phone shop opposite their shop. She loves him too. But Anandi tells Srinivas to break up as he is engaged to be married to his uncle who is a school teacher. After a setback in love, Srinivas decides to make money anyway. His house owner Lakshmi (Rohini) is plotting with a friend to steal jewelery from the house. At the same time, Srinivas’ father dies in the village. His sister leaves home with a loved one. The film is about సంఘటన the events of Srinivas’ life now take place in the life of his house owner Lakshmi years ago From there the story takes various turns. This ‘creature’ film goes on to define the term thriller.

Some have heard of similar events. Some say that the same kind of events happen in different families and in different generations. This is the main point of this film. Babu Tamil made this story based on such a similar incident. But the first half as a whole is going to be very boring. Srinivas’ background, he comes to Hyderabad and gets a job, love fails… No curiosity in these scenes. The story takes interesting turns from where he stole in the home owner’s house. It causes curiosity in the audience as to what happens next. The good news is that even the protagonist of this movie has a lot of curiosity from the beginning. Educated eighth grader… The zeal to learn new things drives him to commit such theft. As well as reading and learning about similar theory in books. Director Gopinath made the viewers interested in how he broke the frame. But that alone is not enough. The more armored the story had to be taken to the climax. That did not happen.

Except for one Rohini, the rest of the cast is not familiar to the Telugu people. No matter how much care is taken in dubbing, the feeling that this is not our movie will linger as long as we watch it. K. S. Sundara Murthy music, Praveen Kumar cinematography are good. Words like ‘disease that should not come to man – aversion’ written by Venu are impressive. However, only those who like thriller genre can say that ‘Jeevi’ is their favorite movie.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Plus points
The novelty of the story
The natural acting of the actors
Being a thriller genre

Minus point
Nattanadakala elastic story
Actors unfamiliar
Non-entertaining songs

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