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R. J. Balaji is the hero who is starring in experimental films in Kollywood today. Nayantara, who came last year, got a little closer to the Telugu people with ‘Ammoru Thalli’. The year before, he’s ‘LKG’ The film was released in Tamil Nadu and was a success. Now the movie is streaming on Aaha from Friday. Let’s find out how this political satire movie looks like

Lankavarapu Kumar Gandhi (RJ Balaji) is cut short in all elkeji Is called. His father (Nanji Sampath) was a failed politician. Unless he gives speeches all over the city on behalf of the ruling party, he will not be in power on any given day. Tandrilaga so he should not, however, have to grow as a leader elkeji Thinks. Accordingly he persuaded the masses and won as a councilor on behalf of the ruling party. At the same time the Chief Minister of the state dies of illness. The MLA in the constituency in the by-elections will be elkejiki chance to compete. But … who sacrificed his seat for the chief minister Chandra Prasad (JK Ritesh), but this time he got out of the fray, C.M. Wants to be a candidate. Deputy Chief Minister Bhojappa (G. Ram Kumar), who has already been sworn in as the caretaker Chief Minister, somehow wants Ramachandra Prasad to lose. Were considered to be suitable only for his effort elkeji Contracts with Poll Management Company to win. That’s the kind of simple, such as Lady Prashant Kishore (Priya Anand) elkeji Enters into life. MLA won, dreamed of becoming chief of the elkeji Want it? What kind of dice did Ramachandra Prasad use to look for the chair of the Chief Minister? How did the poll management agency scrap his moves? Is the rest of the movie.

The film shows the heights and tricks that political leaders use to ascend the throne and maintain their position. However, this type of political satire movies have come a long way in the past. But R.J., who has no image. People connected well to this story as Balaji made this movie. The story for the film was written by RJ Balaji along with his friends. It may come as a surprise to many that an ordinary councilor is the chief minister of a state. But most of the high-ranking leaders in the state are the ones who started their political career from the position of sarpanch. However వారికి Now for those who believe in social media the craze is getting in minutes. Popularity is coming in hours. The elkeji Choosing the same style also gives the audience the impression that this is not a surprise. But without the support of MLAs thakkuna LKG The swearing in of the Chief Minister is purely cinematic.

R. J. Balaji is very ease in acting. But for him, the love scenes between the line management of the poll were not so impressive. Director Kevin on it. MR. The Lord does not seem to care. The movie goes from beginning to end. English Medium School for making the seat, for receiving a bribe in the Government Contracts Councilor LKG The stunts are interesting and fun. The dialogues written by Malluri Venkat in these scenes are good. ‘Government schemes are needed… Government schools are useless’, ‘Politician should know outside what is given, what is taken should not be known at all’ are relevant. The song ‘Inkenni Rozulu… Ila Inkenni Rozulu Docheru Dongalu Jatini… Mana Jatini… Bharata Jatini’ occasionally comes up in the background in the film. That’s cool. The bit song that came up during the titles ‘Telugoda Rara… Tala Ethi Rara… Dharaninela Rara’ is also nice. Allu Arjun used the song ‘Sitharala Sirapadu’ from the movie ‘Ala Vaikunthapuramu’ very well. However, in order to dub the film, paper cuttings, hoardings and scrollings of TV channels have to be put in Telugu in some places. The negligence of the producers in that regard is evident. The cinematography of the film was provided by Vidyan Ayyanna and voiced by Leon James.

LKG The dialogues uttered at the end along his mouth are thought-provoking even though he is a corrupt politician. It is better to say that the vote is a stronger weapon than a gun, and that it is just as wrong to say that a politician who casts a ballot is just as wrong as a people who take a note and vote. It seemed to the protagonist that it would be better for a generation to grow up with the notion that ‘corruption is bad’. But it is doubtful whether he said it in good faith! Aishwarya K Ganesh’s effort in making this film with the theme ‘Politicians must adhere to righteousness’ is to be applauded. Setairikal the movies, the movies, especially those who enjoy political setairikal ‘LKG. ” Likes. The rest of them can also watch Osari for fun.
Rating: 2.5 / 5
Plus points
Being a political satire
Impressive conversations
Interesting screen play
Minus points
A story that is not new
Boring TV Debate Scenes
Neglect in the matter of dubbing
Tagline: It remains to put the leaders ‘LKG’!

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