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The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950. It is a constitution that was created by the Mahanais to unite all the citizens of this country. But seven decades on, the caste divide in this country continues to rage. What is the reason for this? Are there political leaders who do not enforce the constitution properly? Are they the leaders of the caste groups who are spending their time cultivating genocide? The constitution drafted by Ambedkar would be meaningless if there was no change in the leaders on the throne and among the elites. An image that conveys the same theme అర్థ శ‌తాబ్దం. Streaming on Aha from this Friday. The film is co-produced by Chitti Kiran Ramoju and Telu Radhakrishna and directed by Ravindran Pulle.

In terms of story, Ramanna (Saikumar) is a former Naxalite. Seeing the presence of casteism in the movement as well, Sonthuru comes to Sirisilla to leave it and lead a normal life. In the village, Puri sees the spread of Kulonmada to be destroyed. But not because of him. Krishna (Kartik Ratnam), a backward caste of the same village, falls in love with Pushpa (Krishnaveni), the daughter of Ramanna of Agravarna. With the mistake made in the matter of a flower, the old political orbits of the village and the caste system suddenly fall apart. Others make an effort to satisfy personal orbits in the name of that mortal home. With that, the town becomes a wilderness. What are the consequences of fleeting decisions? How does casteism drive man insane? How can officers become helpless even when they have power in hand? Can be seen in this movie.

In order to elevate the caste system and the political game in the villages, the director Ravindra O supported the love story. A closer look at the main characters in the story reveals the contradictions between them. It would not be correct for Ramanna’s daughter, who came out of the Naxalite movement against casteism, to come to terms with the issue. It was as if his character graph had been forcibly lowered. Also, most of the scenes in the first half went poorly. Mary especially stretched the love affair of the heroines unnecessarily. Inspector Ranjit’s introduction scene is meaningless. Nothing beats his characterization. The heroines Karthik Ratnam and Krishnaveni are nicely cast in the respective roles. Saikumar, Raja Ravindra, Ramraju, Naveen Chandra, Shubhalekha Sudhakar, Ajay, Amani, Pavithra Lokesh, Sharanya Pradeep, TNR, Suhas and many more are the famous actors. But the director could not use them properly. Focused on just five characters. In fact the scenes were so weak that they could not be elevated no matter how great the actors looked. The greatness of the chosen story is not fully visible to the screen.

The music of Nawafil Raja Asee has kept the film going for a long time. The work of cinematographers EJ Venu, Venkat Shakhamuri and Askar is also commendable. The beauty of the village is nicely screened. At the same time the action scenes were shown in a thrilling way. Editing those scenes is also great. Sung by Sid Shriram ఏ క‌నులు చూడ‌ని... The song is a highlight of the movie. The lyrics of the rest of the songs are meaningful, but they seem to have been used to increase the length of the film. Truth be told they were an obstacle to storytelling. The first half goes slowly and tests the patience of the viewers. The second meaning is good compared to that. The director brings the main characters of the story closer to one of the climactic scenes and gives a beautiful ending to the viewer’s imagination.

Fifty years after the enactment of the Constitution of India, the director took it as a story. It would have been nice if the film had actually been released in the 2000s. Are those conditions now? Have you changed? That is to say, no. But the new experience is due to the fact that many films have already come out with similar storylines. అర్థ శ‌తాబ్దం Not provided to me. The main flaw is that the story is poor, even if the choice is a meaningful, thought-provoking story. However, recognizing the sincerity of director Ravindra, Kiran and Radhakrishna, who produced the film, should be congratulated.

Plus points
Selected story
Music, cinematography
Construction values

Minus point
Uninteresting story
The first half is a test of patience
Contradiction in Characterizations

Rating : 2.25 / 5

Tag line: అర్థ శ‌తాబ్దంThe path to change!

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