Review: In the Name of God (Aha)

Recently, there has been a lot of news that the Hindi web series coming with adult content is gaining popularity among the youth. With that, it seems that we have the idea that it would be good to make such web series in Telugu as well. Until now, Telugu filmmakers who were limited to love, comedy, murder mystery and political thrillers have taken a step forward and focused on adult content. The web series ‘In the Name of God’. The six-episode web series has been streaming on Aaha since Friday.

Adi (Priyadarshi) is the driver when it comes to the story. His father left his wife and children when he was young. Adi is trying to get a resort on the shores of Godavari with the insurance money that came after his mother died. The weakness of the girls to Ayyappa (Posani) who lives in the same village. A beautiful girl named Meena (Nandini Roy) claps her neck and puts a caper on the village. He makes money by making blue films in resorts. Meanwhile, Fakir Bhai (Umamaheswara Rao), a dentist in Hyderabad, gets into a personal problem and asks Ayyappa to give Rs 5 crore of his hawala money to his younger brother Vishnu (Chandrakant Dutt) to Rajahmundry. Ayyappa’s wife Meena, who had an illicit affair with a boy named Thomas (Vikas), is found red-handed by her husband one day.

Ayyappa’s wife is killed in a scuffle between the two. From there the web series takes unexpected turns. Some want to know who killed Ayyappa, while others start an investigation without knowing where the five crore hawala money went. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, with no end in sight. Truth be told… None of these characters have values. The characters are all associated with illicit relationships, extortion, drug addiction, trading in religion, prostitution, and cheating on loved ones. All in all, this web series is all about looking for a fallen character.

A web series coming from a reputable company like Aaha naturally has some expectations from viewers. Moreover, if people like Priyadarshi, Nandini Roy and Posani are acting, it is considered to be on a certain level. But it was filled with unlimited whores, vulgar scenes, and surprised viewers. Needless to say, if you look at the way some of the characters are missing, how can it be so degrading in the name of naturalness? The feeling of being is caused. Although the makers claim that this web series is for people over 18 years of age, they also use language that is bothersome. Moreover, there is nothing new in the story. No strength in the scenes. The characters have no relevance. Fakir’s attempt to send hawala money to Rajahmundry, return of Adi’s father who left family as a child, love affair with Ayyappa’s younger brother Vishnu, unbridled romance between Church Father’s son Thomas and Rafaela కూడా all of these do not hold up to the level of a web series.

The six episodes are titled ‘Adiparvam, Big Bang, Lost and Found, Nayi Zindagi, Wedding Dinner, Udyoga Parvam’. The ‘in the name of God’ given to this web series is not suitable. Similarly, except for one or two episodes, the names of the other episodes are not set. Although the first two episodes were somewhat interesting, the web series missed the track after that. A situation where you do not understand what is going on. Enemies Adi and Thomas do not understand what it means to trade marijuana together. It is also a sub-story that in the middle of not being named In the Name of God, the son of a Hindu converts to Christianity, while his son remains a Hindu, and finally the Hindu father conducts the funeral in a Christian manner contrary to his ideas.

When it comes to acting, they all acted well according to their range of roles. Priyadarshi understood the variations in the character and did well. However his character also went without a rope hoop. Nandini Roy invented a new dimension in himself. Now she has a chance to get good roles. Posani acted in his own style as always. Vikas .. did good justice to the character of Thomas and Chandrakant Dutt to the character of Vishnu. Leading stage actor Mohammad Ali Beg did well as Rosie. However in some places it seemed a bit over! Some said dubbing with their voice. It was as if he was holding on to it and talking. As well as dubbing for some of the characters. Awemo seemed a bit overdone. Artists need to be more careful about dubbing. On the whole director Vidyasagar Muthu seems to have done something to take something out.

Among the technical experts are cinematography and music. They are not fair. But what’s the point of setting up so many hangouts without telling a strong story !? The fact that the film is six episodes later does not mean that the story has a proper ending. Most questions are not answered. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Director Suresh Krishna is one of the reasons for some interest in this web series. If a popular director like him is becoming a producer with a web series అందరూ everyone thinks there’s something in it. But his hopes were dashed. This web series cannot be viewed with family members. Wasting to spend almost four hours for this when alone !!

Rating: 2/5

Plus points
Acting of artists
Cinematography, background music

Minus points
Unlimited whores
Meaningless scenes
Uninteresting screen play

Tagline: Say the name of the tree and wait!

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