Review: Jagame Tantra (Movie)

‘Jagame Tantram’ is another big movie released in OTT after ‘Surarai Potru’ starring star hero Surya. Director Karthik Subbaraju, along with Dhanush, has denied the news that the film, which stars Dhanush and Aishwarya Lakshmi in the lead roles, will be released on OTT. But conditions did not improve and eventually had to be compromised. Produced by Shashikant under the banner of Wynot, the film is currently streaming on Netflix. The film will be available in Tamil and other languages ​​from Friday.

When it comes to story Suruli (Dhanush) is a small gangster from Madurai. He could not bear to see them come and do business in another part of his hometown. He runs a hotel with his friends and spends time doing small chores. At the same time, the dominance struggle between the two underworld groups in London is intensifying. Sivadas (Joseph Joju George) provides shelter to Tamils ​​coming to London from Sri Lanka and protects refugees from various countries. He is involved in arms smuggling to raise the necessary funds. His rival is London-based racist Peter (James Cosmo). Captures refugees coming to London illegally and uses them for his activities. As well as trying to suppress the ongoing movement in London against racists. Peter summons gangster Suruli from Tamil Nadu to London on a month – long contract to avoid Shivdas becoming an obstacle to his actions. Did Suruli… Shivadas end up coming to London? Did Peter’s moves to keep the Tamil eye on their finger pay off? What was the situation of the Tamil refugees who came to London believing in Sivadas? The rest of the film is the answer to these.

In recent times, the focus of Kollywood filmmakers has been on the suffering Tamils ​​and refugees in foreign countries. They are passionate about bringing to the screen the stories of leaders who fight for them. LTTE as work in progress. After the movement was watered down, some films were made in support of the Sri Lankan Tamils ​​who went abroad and managed the activities of the organization rather than colluding. It is necessary to sympathize with the plight of Tamils ​​who have left Sri Lanka for Gupta and gone to various countries, including India. However, it is common for refugees of any country to be treated harshly when they realize that their very existence is under threat. Many countries that were initially detached are now facing a security problem due to the Rohingya. But some directorial producers are generalizing and showing the refugee problem. The same thing happened in ‘Jagame Tantra’. What is the hometown of a man? Place of birth? A place given life? That is the big question. In this too the story revolves around that question. Some ask what it means for Tamils ​​in Sri Lanka to become refugees in India. The fact is that Sri Lankan Tamils ​​have become entangled in political vaikunthapali.

When it comes to the castDhanush performed well as Suruli. Impressions are gained in a fluid, global, diffused way. In some places Maa imitated Rajinikanth’s style. If you watch some of these scenes, you will remember Rajinikanth in ‘Kabali, Kala’. Aishwarya Lakshmi from Malayalam cinema acted well as the heroine. She is also a priority character. Joseph Jojo George for the role of Shivdas and James Cosmo for the character of Peter. Dhanush plays Vadivukkarasi as his mother and Kalaiyarasan as his London friend. All of them did justice to their respective roles. Music by Santosh Narayan, cinematography by Shreyas Krishna is good. Conversations written in Telugu are natural and intriguing. Along with strong dialogues like ‘looking like a mole is like dying’ the fun dialogues like ‘there is a megastar movie watching after many days’ are good. However, since it is a Tamil story, Tamil songs are heard in many scenes in the film. What we are seeing is a Tamil translated film that is constantly popping up in Burra. With the London-themed underworld set in motion, the director went back in search of the refugees he wanted to discuss, leaving it as a gangster drama. The comparison began with the discussion of the same story in the recent ‘The Familyman’ web series 2. Unless the director thinks in a commercial angle, viewers are likely to feel that he has not written strong scenes for Main Cause. With that, not a single scene touches the heart and makes you feel awful. However కాబట్టి is streaming on Netflix so ష్ Dhanush fans and general viewers can watch Osari.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Plus points
Hero Dhanush acting
London background
Conversations, music

Minus point
The film is getting longer
Uninteresting screen play
Songs that do not spread

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