Review: Love like ‘surge’!

With a new hero coming from the Mega Family, it is only natural that huge expectations will be formed. It went from heavy to very heavy in terms of ‘surge’. The reason is that it is being produced by the prestigious production company Maitree Movie Makers and directed by Sana Buchibabu is a disciple of renowned director Sukumar! Also, Vaishnav, who has done two or three films as a child actor, is making an entry as a cute first time hero, making his debut as a Kritishetti heroine who has already gained popularity through advertising !! Devisree Prasad, who loves Sukku, is also set to be the music director for the film. And let’s see if the movie meets the expectations that have arisen like those ocean waves.

Rayudu (Vijay Sethupathi) is a political leader in Uppada beach village. His only niece is Bebamma (Kritishetti). Rayudu is a man who gives his life for caste and dignity. Bebamma has been fond of the blessings (Vaishnav Tej) in Besta Palle, a short distance away from them, from an early age, and as an adult it turns into love. In one case, Bebamma falls in love at first sight with Ashini. How did Rayudu, who prefers prestige, see how to separate them? The film tells the story of how the two of them escaped from his heights and tricks and became one.

The story of a poor boy falling in love with a rich girl is a story we have been watching for decades. However, the director’s talent lies in making it interesting. The success of the film depends on telling the new story in the old way and showing the old story anew. That’s why director Buchibabu, who knows the old story, tried to show it anew. Throughout the first half, Aashi and Bebamma revolve around love. The director shot these scenes in a way that the youth would appreciate. However, “all this love affair” is a bit sloppy. In the second half, after Bebamma left the house, all the scenes went smoothly. Bebamma took the second meaning into her own hands as the story went on to elevate the hero in the first half. Most importantly the conversations she has with her father in the climax set the film apart. Taking a delicate subject, the pre-climax is interesting in the way the director holds it. Establishing that point, Director Buchibabu tried to convince the audience by putting some scenes in the first half and some scenes in the second half.

Although this is the first film for Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty, both of them have done very well in those roles. In particular, Krithishetti competed with Vijay Sethupathi in the climax. Vijay Sethupathi, who impressed by playing the villain in ‘Master’ which came next month, has once again expressed his strength in the current ‘surge’. Nagamahesh as his right hand man and Ramaraju as his father acted well. Saichand entered the role of father with the movie ‘Fida’ in which he showed his mark as the father of the hero. Buchibabu got good acting from the artists.

Special thanks to Devisree Prasad among the technicians. Before the release of the movie, DSP created hype for the movie with his songs. Their pictorialization is just as good. While the song ‘Nee Kannu Neeli Samudram’ is a visual feast, the pictorialization of the song ‘Thak Thak Thak’ is something special. Shyam Dutt’s cinematography is a highlight of the movie. Most importantly the scenes shot on the sea were very, very good. Naveen Nooli Editing OK.

The beginning of the film is an interesting beginning. Went into love with the same swing. From there hooked the audience. But some of the scenes are reminiscent of scenes from recent films. However, the new point chosen by the director and the manner in which it was shown as a convincing ‘set the’ surge ‘image. Overall the movie success range depends on how many people connect to the way the director conveys this new theme. One thing is for sure, the ‘surge’ in love story films has made its mark.

Plus points

DSP Music
Shyam Dutt Cinematography
Construction values

Minus point

Routine scenes
First Half‌ Slow Narration

2.5 / 5

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Love like the ‘surge’!

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