Review: November Story (Web Series)

Tamanna Chaka Chaka has acted in two web series during this corona pandemic while her fellow star heroines are counting on Pisces to act in the web series. While the ‘Levent Hour’ web series has been streaming on Aaho recently, ‘November Story’, which celebrated its pre-shooting, is currently streaming on Disney Hot Star. The web series, which is based in Tamil, is also available in Telugu and Hindi. Tamanna, who played a corporate tycoon in ‘Levant Hour’, a one-night stand, played the role of a middle-class woman as an ethical hacker in ‘November Story’. This is how the suspense thriller Murder Mystery web series unfolds.

Anuradha (Tamanna) is a professional, ethical hacker. Digitization of FIRs by assisting his friend Malar Vannan (Vivek Prasanna) who submitted the tender. Their software will be hacked while digitization is taking place. Meanwhile, Anuradha’s father Ganesan (GV Kumar) is a well known crime story writer. However, due to old age, he suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. As he dies, his daughter asks him to help her write a novel. Knowing that his father would spend millions on his health, Anu wanted to sell an old building named after him.

At such a time, a woman is murdered in their old building and is shocked to see her father next to her. She takes her father home from there and complains to the police. Who was murdered in the old house of Anu? Why did her father go there at that time? What is the relationship between him and Haturali? FIR filed in Anu’s friend’s office. What are the factors that cause files to be hacked? Director Indra Subramanian has tried to unravel all these intricacies in seven episodes.

Strength story for the ‘November Story’ web series. Weak article. The story begins with hacking, after which the author suffers from Alzheimer’s with strange behavior. In episodes three and four, it is interesting to note that a woman is killed in the same building as the writer, and exactly one hour before that, a woman is waiting for Tamanna on the train. They also arouse curiosity in the viewer. However, once the post-mortem doctor Jesus (Pashupati) enters the scene, we can understand what is happening. But the director hid the motive for it until the end.

No matter how well educated people are, we have seen in many of the Tamil films that have come in between that there is a psycho tendency in them. ‘Rakshasan, Penguin’ belong to this category. One or two episodes of this went the same way. Gathering everyone in the police station together to solve the murder mystery was a waste of time. It is doubtful whether such a thing was done to increase length. It doesn’t matter if the director unravels all the intricacies of this web series that lasts for four and a half hours. Most left them to the imagination of the viewer.

When it comes to acting. Tamanna acted nicely as a middle class woman. In ‘Eleventh Hour’, the woman appeared as an entertainer, in which she played the role of a simple girl just as naturally. The scope for acting was created by the fact that in some places the character displayed courage, and in other places turned into Bella. Tamanna as father, G.M. as crime story writer. Kumar did well. Not to mention Pashupati’s acting in particular anymore. It has been his habit from the beginning to immerse himself in whatever role he plays. Arun Das plays Sudalai, the investigating officer. The highlight of the web series is Sudalai’s role of not being arrested in a hurry without knowing the motive, even though people around him say ‘Writer Ganesan is the culprit’.

Tamanna’s friend is played by Vivek Prasanna and other roles are played by Myna Nandini, Namita Krishnamurthy, Poojitha Devaraj and Johnny. The night effect scenes where the camera work is good are confusing. It would have been nice if Shravan Govinda Swamy editing had been more sharp as well. Especially Kevin Fredrick Sound Design. Seems to elevate the scenes. However, director Indra Subramanian ended the climax. The web series, which had been gripping until then, was stretched over the last two episodes. In fact since the time limit is not that big, each character has to be given a meaningful ending. That did not happen. At the beginning of each episode a few minutes of flashback scenes are shown. Putting them without dialogues, however, left viewers in a position to imagine what was going on. This created more confusion.

For those who love horror and thriller web series, Tamanna fans will love ‘November Story’. The rest will watch for the time pass. However, the web series coming from a company like …Ananda Vikatan has a lot of huge expectations from the viewers. But the ‘November Story’ failed to receive them.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Plus points
Tamanna, acting of others
Impressive sound design
Selected story

Minus point
Slow narration
Missed logic
Leaving everything to the viewer’s imagination
Excessive characterization

Tagline: For thriller lovers only!

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