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In the meantime, new directors and producers are making simple love stories to impress the audience. After that this new batch fell on horror comedies. They believe that if there are ten or twelve interesting scenes without storytelling, the audience will put pass marks! In fact some time has passed as well. Now they are on crime thrillers. On the OTT platform, however, movies of this genre are on the rise. The movie ‘Pachchis’ is also on that list. The movie is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

When it comes to story Abhiram (Ram) is a boy who turns out to be Pachis. Tandremo cheats the banks and goes to jail. This guy is addicted to gambling in the casino and gets into debt. Abhiram tries to get out of the debt trap by blocking politicians Gangadhar (Shubhalekha Sudhakar) and Basavaraju (Vishwender Reddy) who are thirsting for power. His sister Avanti (Shweta Varma) enters the arena in search of a boy named Rakesh who is a victim in the game of political leaders. Abhiram, accustomed to Easy Money, reached which destination? What is the fate of politicians trapped in a corruption coup? Was Avanti able to trace her brother? Is the rest of the story.

Celebrity stylist Ram made his entry as a hero with the movie ‘Pachchis’. In fact it is not a routine story that stretches in the concept of hero, heroine, villain. A film that shows the positive and negative shades in every human being. While there are some who use Banisai’s friends for bad habits as well, there are others who want to spend their time in a different kind of pub by borrowing for necessity. Public representatives by name but others who want to get quotes across the board. They are the ones who risked their lives in the undercover operation to make a dent in them. It’s a crime thriller that revolves around them all.

Although it was the first film, Ram did justice to his role as long as he lived. Shweta Varma, who has already acted in several films, has done a good job as a youth who is looking for her brother. However, she behaved as if she were a police officer and not weak. Shubhalekha Sudhakar, who has been making a name for herself as a character artist in recent times, played the role of a politician. He is the leader of their party’s digging trenches for the power plant project. The characterization of Vishwender Reddy, who played his opponent, is beyond comprehension for the viewers. The political blows, the health problem, the meaning of suicide Thus the role began somewhere and ended somewhere. There are a lot of characters like this in the movie. No character can understand why it comes on screen and why it goes meaningless. The director duo, who wrote the story interestingly, were unable to screen it at that level. RK Ravi Varma as the head of the casino, Jayachandra as Jayant, the right wing politician, Daya as the police officer and John as the politician Binami Mallikarjun all did well. But their acting does not seem to be good. Even the words were like something half-broken and spoken. Sometimes it is doubtful whether the philosophy speaks beyond the scope of the character. The directors fail to clearly show the relationships and affiliations between a man who has become a pawn in political chess, his sister who is looking for him, their friends who have become that pawn, and their weaknesses revolving around them. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. Karthik Parmar cinematography is there to make that feel. Among the technicians, Smaran provided the right strength to the film with his background music. Srikrishna, the author of the film, and Ramasai, one of the producers, directed the movie. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. The story written on paper could not be screened as strong, interesting and thrilling. Kaushik and Ramasai did not compromise as producers. Production values ​​are good. Even though the movie ends in two hours with OTT viewers in mind, it also feels more to the story. It would have been nice to have trimmed it more. Although there are two major action episodes in the second half, the shooting is not without its ups and downs. Viewers get the impression that they have seen something unambiguous and incomplete film. Stories of searching for the missing person are not new to us. We have already seen a lot of movies like this. This is one of them. Otherwise the gripping screenplay of the previous films is missing in ‘Pachchis’.

Rating: 2.25 / 5

Plus points
The main cast is acting
Background music

Minus point
Hesitation in telling the story
Boring article
Any unproductive emotions

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