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Currently, all the celebrities in the field of Telugu cinema are looking at Malayalam cinema. The reason for this is the remake of Malayalam films from megastar Chiranjeevi to young hero Teja Sajja. Our directorial producers believe that Telugu people also like Thought Provoking Malayalam films now. During the lock down time, many Malayalam movies were dubbed and streamed on the OTT platform. The support they received may have contributed to this belief. Meanwhile, the latest Malayalam film ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ is being discussed across the country. The film, which was streamed on Nistream OTT on January 14 this year, is now available on Amazon Prime as well.

A young woman from a simple middle class family in Kerala marries a school teacher. The girl dreams of becoming a dancer before marriage and becoming a dance teacher. But when she falls in love with an adult and marries, all her dreams come true. Her life is changing as she cooks for her husband and father-in-law. She has to do all the housework alone. Also, mixers and grinders should not be used while cooking and rubburole should be used. Whole rice should not be put on a pressure cooker, it should be cooked on a wood stove. Clothes should not be washed in the washing machine, only hand-washed and half-washed. Such restrictions for that new bride would be ninety lakhs! In addition to these, the husband has to satisfy another hunger at night! The husband, Maa Sasemira, says that if he hides the difficulty in his stomach and endures the grit of the teeth, he will do a job that is less than educated. The film tells the story of how the girl greeted ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ under such circumstances and got out of it.

The title ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ gives the impression of being a movie that conveys wonderful recipes. Being a Malayalam film, I want to know the flavors of Kerala. But this is not a movie about cuisine సినిమా a movie about the kitchen! Most importantly the grief of middle class women who have been confined to the kitchen for decades. It is a film that conveys that a married woman has certain hopes and aspirations and that fulfilling them is the minimum responsibility of the husband. In fact movies like this have come a few times in the past. But director Geo Baby seems to want to show such films again and again to men who come back to normal after watching a two-hour movie and uttering comforting words for a while. So even though the generations have changed and there has been some change in the men accordingly, he has once again tried to show the plight of women on screen. Every woman who has become a kitchen rabbit sees this movie and gets some comfort in it. ‘Can’t I do this?’ The director’s effort would have paid off if her husbands understood her pain.

All the same! We need to know why the movie ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’ made by Geo Bezi has become a topic of discussion, leaving women behind. The director, who supported women on the other hand, said, ‘There will be no change in men, they will not change. Some guys are hurt by the hero characterization of ‘their skin thickness’. Sannayi is now pressing for a film that was supposed to come out five years ago. Now that there has been a lot of change in the Magallanes, the Kooniragas are making it clear that they are cooperating with the wife.

This is not even a topic that has actually been controversial. In this film, the director shows the entry of women in Sabarimala in the second sense. Is it wrong for women to enter the Sabarimala temple? A feminist in question showed the house being attacked by theologians, supporting the protagonist. Similarly Ayyappa was shown expressing the wrath of the heroine on the devotees wearing the garland. Some are outraged that the director has insulted their morals by showing such sensitive issues in the name of women’s empowerment. This started a national debate on the film. Local TVs who thought there were political agendas behind making this movie said it could not be aired. Amazon and Netflix have refused to stream the movie, citing the fact that it touches on sensitive issues like Sabarimala. It was streamed in January with the local OTT platform. However, Amazon Prime has been streaming the film since April 4, with the majority of people, especially women, enjoying the film.

It stars Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramoodu as husband and wife. Nimisha, who received the Kerala Award for Best Actress, lived up to her role. Suraj is a nationally acclaimed actor. He also played the role of a sadistic husband. The role of uncle Gary was played by T. Suresh Babu played natural ready. Suraj S Kurup composed the lyrics and Mathews Pulikan provided the background music. Salu K Thomas’ camera captured not only the beauty of Kerala but also the housewife Dharmagrahan.

Another highlight is that this Malayalam movie is now being remade in Tamil. It is said that it will be dubbed in Telugu as well. Rahul Ravindran and Aishwarya Rajesh are playing the lead roles. Tamil director Kannan is directing it. It remains to be seen how Rahul Ravindran, who has another Lover Boy image, will do justice to the role of the soft-spoken sadistic husband. This is a tailor made character for Aishwarya Rajesh! There is no doubt about it.

Plus points
Selected item
Director’s work

Minus points
Writing a story as one side
Dealing with controversial issues
Slow narration

Rating: 2.5 / 5

Tag line : Sweet for women! Bitter for girls !!

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