Ruth Bader Ginsburg ‘RBG’ Documentary Coming to Netflix in October 2021


RBG – Image: Magnolia Pictures

Netflix in the United States is set to air a 2018 multi-award-winning documentary on the career and life of US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in early October 2021.

Coming on Sunday, October 3, 2021, the film looks back at the life of a Supreme Court judge who has served in court for decades and achieved many things through her long and distinguished life.

She has made progress for women’s rights over the decades as co-founder of the Women’s Rights Project at ACLU. She was the first judge to be gay and became a symbol of pop culture.


Released by Magnolia Pictures, the documentary premiered in Sundance‌ in January 2018 before the theatrical release in May 2018. CNN Films, Participant Media and Dog Whoop are also involved in the project.

It was added to Hulu in October 2018, with Desider calling it an “uplifting film with a light touch”.

The documentary was well-received in September 2020 with the passing of a Supreme Court judge.


At the time, Hulu owned the streaming rights to the documentary. It also did a very exceptional promotion, where it made the movie available for free for a limited time through its YouTube channel.

It is unclear how long the documentary will last in Netflix US. Both Netflix Canada and Japan are currently airing the documentary hosting Canada from November 2020.

Rbg Documentary

The film was excluded from the PR release for their October 2021 releases, but that is not entirely unusual. Netflix did not include other October releases either Oats Studios And Occupation: Rainfall.


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