Skandagiri Hills Bangalore | 1450 Metres Gorgeous Hill Point

Skandagiri hills are located in Bangalore, near Nandi Hills. It is one of the low key best hills in Bangalore which not many people know about.

It is a perfect place to hang out away from the city’s traffic and the crowd. Family and friends can go there to engross themselves in the beauty of the hill.

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What makes Sakandagiri Hills Interesting Tourist Place?

Sakandagiri hills are also known was Kalavara Durga, it is at the height of 1450 meters, it is around the famous Nandi Hills in Bangalore. Most people gush towards Nandi hills, and Nandi hills get crowded but there s nothing as the crowd in Skandagiri hills also which is a very safe place to go to.

Along the way to Skandagiri hills one will find an abandoned and broken fort which makes the trek even more interesting.

Another interesting fact about the Skandagiri hills is that the trek can be done during the night time too without any restrictions, adventure junkies may love this new idea of trekking in the night hours.

There can be bonfire lit during the night time visit, also its breezy environment will make anyone fall in love with the hills. The very quiet and serene beauty of the hill has the ability to mesmerize anyone and everyone    

History of Skandagiri hills

Ruler of Mysore, Tipu Sultan had his fort built on Skandagiri hills, the ruins of forts are still standing on the land of the hills.

It was a very massive and majestic fort built for him. He lost the fort when the Britishers attacked him, he lost the battle and the fort too.

In 1972 until the peace treaty Britishers had the fort after that they lost it too. Currently the fort is demolished after the ruins due to various reasons, and now some walls of the fort stand tall but not all of them.

There are two temples on the hill along with the forts, one top of the hill and one below, and both of them are in great condition with no harm to them.

Activities to do on Skandagiri Hills

Mainly the activity is to be trekking, trekking can get exhausting but it is worth it when you get to see the top view, and trekking can always be fun when done with family, friends, or just simply music.

While trekking you get to see temples and the ruins of the fort with some rich history.

Another exciting part to do is that trek in the night time, the normal night time trek starts there at 12 midnight and end up reaching the hilltop at 2 in the morning, right time the moon would be above the hill. The breeze and moonlight make it very special and also what is there not to love about sleeping under the stars literally?

 Not just the moon will be closer but also you can also watch the sunrise from the top, which will again be another special memorable thing to experience with clouds just right above.

When is the best time to visit Skandagiri hills? 

The best time to visit is during the month of November to March, the weather during those months are not very harsh and one can peacefully visit ad trek with just cool breeze and clouds around.

Though any time of the year it is ideal to visit, some months can get harsh, and hence November to March is suggested because they are just flexible and won’t have issues related.

How to reach Skandagiri hills?

From Bangalore’s main city, KSRTC buses are available just like buses are available until Nandi hills. One can use these public transportations or can go in private transportation like cars or tempos. It falls on the way to Bangalore airport.  

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