Srikalahasti Temple | 5th Century Powerful temple

Srikalahasti Temple is also known as the Srikalahastheeswara temple situated in Srikalahasti town, Chittor district,Andhra Pradesh.

It is a beautiful temple with a rich history, a very famous story behind this temple precedes this famous temple reputation.

It is a perfect place for history, ancient architecture lovers, and also god lovers. It is a perfect place for friends, families, and tourists to go and explore the beauty and story of this temple.

 This temple brings out the best living and grants the best wishes to everyone who visits and believes in the temple and god.

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What is the famous History of Srikalahasti Temple?

This temple precedes with a very famous history behind its existence. It is known that this place is the mark of Kannapa was going to sacrifice his both eyes to Lord Shiva, very happily and no regrets and that is when Lord Shiva appeared in front of him and stopped him.

He wanted to give away his eyes to the Shiva Linga as the blood would not stop flowing from the Shiva Linga. This stopped right when Lord Shiva was very impressed by his devotion and sacrifice and came to him ease him away from the pain.

Kanappa Nayanar was one of the 63 devotees amongst the other saints who were devoted into Lord Shiva.

The interior of the temple was built back during the 5th Century, by the Vijayanagara rulers and in the 11th century, the exterior was built by the Chola kings.

What are the top attractions of this temple?

 Temples with rich history are always the best areas of visiting, and Srikalahasteeswara temple is no less of history. The architecture of the 5th century and 11th century can be seen; the stories of the ancients can be heard.

This temple is also considered as the Dakshina Kasi and Rahu-Ketu-kshetra. This temple consists of one of the panchabhoota sthalams which is the Vayu Linga, it recognizes as the symbol of wind. It is considered very important and hence the presence of it makes this temple an even better place to visit.  

There is a Pathala Ganapathi meaning an idol of Lord Ganesha is placed underground and is worshiped and is a must-see.

How to reach Srikalahasti temple?

Srikalahasti temple falls in Chittor district and hence people traveling from all over India can use the Tirupati airport. Some can even use the Tirupati buses or trains to come, for near-by places trains and buses are available until Tirupati.

From Tirupati, Srikalahasti temple is just 38kms away. After which various APSRTC buses can be used to reach or private transportation cars, tempos are available very easily too.

What are some legends of Srikalahasti temple?

There are many legends of the Srikalahasti temple

  • Lord Vayu was performing penance in order to please Lord Shiva, Lord Shiva impressed with his devotion came to him and granted him three wishes. This scenario was during the starting phase of creating the world.

And lord Vayu’s three wishes were that he wanted his presence to be there in the whole wide world, to be an important meaning in every living thing life on earth, and to change the name of Kapoor lingam to Samba Shiva. And Lord Shiva fulfilled all his wishes.

  • Goddesses Parvati was once said to be cursed by Lord Shiva and lost her divine form and was asked to live like an ordinary on Earth, which she did in the Srikalahasti temple until the curse was lifted and seeing her redemption Lord Shiva gave her an avatar of dive goddesses Gnana Prasunambika Devi.
  • The third being the very famous story of Kannapa giving his eyes up for the almighty Shiva where Shiva saved him too.

Things to keep in mind while going to Srikalahasti temple:

  1. All visitors are asked to not take any pooja materials from outside, as it won’t be allowed inside. Pooja materials can be purchased from the inside of the temple very easily.
  2. Some poojas may require a strict dress code which must be followed, and hence should be followed and hence must be asked in the counter for further details.
  3. Clothing must be decent or one won’t be allowed inside of the temple.

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