Tada Ubbalamadugu Falls | The Perfect Place for nature lovers

Ubbalamadugu Falls is also known as Tada Falls which is located in Chittoor district, Andhra Pradesh. Waterfalls can always be exciting for a visit by children, youngsters, and elderly people too. This can be a very adventurous trip to everyone.

This fall stands tall of 100m long. The waterfalls from a very greater height. It is located near the Varadaiahpalem Mandal and also is very near to Tirupati. Many people go to Tirupati every year in all the seasons and hence going to visit this waterfall can just add the extra fun to the trip.

Why should tourists visit this place?

This beautiful waterfall falls in the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. This is a very green beautiful place with just lots of sunlight and water around. It has a long passageway above the water and everyone is allowed to play in the waterfalls too.

Next to the waterfalls is a dense forest making the whole view to a better level. Ubbalamadugu waterfalls is a perfect place for nature lovers. This waterfall is very safe too as there is not much depth in them, very safe for children and elder people to visit this waterfall.

What is this waterfall known for?

 The waterfall is known for its beauty but apart from this, it is known for various other activities nearby and also in the waterfalls there.

During Maha Shivratri, many people visit this place as there is a temple. Next to the forest Siddhulaia Kona.it is celebrated very beautifully and hence people come to visit this waterfall during that time of the year more.

Apart from these, there is a trekking place right next to the waterfalls, the waterfalls can be visited along with trekking this place is a whole package for all the adventure junkies.

How to reach Ubbalamadugu Falls?

To reach the Tada or Ubbalamadugu falls, one must go to a village called Varadaiahpalem in the Chittoor district. A train can be taken from anywhere to the Tada station which is very near to the Tada falls.

Since this is in the middle of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu its closer to Chennai and hence one can always come to Chennai from airplanes or train or buses then catch a train from Chennai to Tada station.

What is the best season to visit Ubbalamadugu falls?

The whole year is a pretty season to go to waterfalls, after all, who does not love waterfalls? Water is always going to be a good sport for everyone and everyone and especially when there is a trek just next to the falls too. First trek and then a natural swimming pool sounds perfect.

And hence this play can be visited all year long but, the best season is considered to be the rainy season as the rainy season can enhance the waterfall more the water will be flowing at a higher pace and the amount of water flowing will be more too. The beauty and greenery all around will be mesmerizing even more.

Can we cook and eat near the Tada falls?

Well as the waterfalls and the trek is next to just forest, there is a wide range of greenery and you won’t find many restaurants or places to sit and eat.

So, cook your food! More like a picnic in a very old school way. It might look like too much work but people usually go there and cook their own food make it more like a feast.

This aspect of cooking and eating surrounded by nature is one very exciting feature considered by many tourists and hence you can see many people cooking with raw materials from nature and cook. And yes it is very safe to cook and eat if done carefully at Ubbalamadugu falls.

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