The Clock Tower at Anantapur – Pride of 15th August 1947

The Clock Tower at Anantapur District is the real pride of Independent India. Built as a symbol of Independent India, it was inaugurated on 15th August 1947. Anantapur is the largest district in Rayalaseema region in the State of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA. The district headquarters of Anantapur District, is a combination of both city and village environments. Anantapur is a true destination of history, art, culture, and tradition.

The Clock Tower at Anantapur is famous for its eminent for its history and architecture. It is called as the landmark for the Indian History. A great place for remembering the Independence of India.

The History of the Clock Tower at Anantapur

Standing tall at a height of around 47 feet, the Clock Tower at Anantapur has a significant history. An accolade to all the freedom fighters and the martyrs that have occurred to make India an Independent Nation.

The bitter truth is that due to legislative and administration issues and the negligence by the government authorities, the Clock Tower is getting ruined because of lack of maintenance. It tells a lot of tales about the struggle of the freedom fighters for the Independent India.

The Architecture of the Clock Tower at Anantapur

The Clock Tower gives you a great message in itself for the remembrance of the day the India got Independence, which is on 15th of August 1947. This is how you can recognize the message!! The Clock Tower has eight (8) faces which bespeaks of the month of August which is the month number eight (8). The Clock Tower has a radius of 15 feet which says the date of the Indian Independence. The height of the Clock Tower is exactly 47 feet which makes you remember the year of the Indian Independence.

Throughout the year though a great number of people pass next to the tower and get the glimpse of remembrance of the history, especially on the days of national holidays, that is on the Day of Independence as well as on the Republic Day, the tower is decorated with lights of the Indian Tricolors.

Ways to reach the Clock Tower at Anantapur

As it is in the prime location of the city, there is no need to worry about commuting at all!! The clock tower can be viewed from any of the right directions. Most of the local buses stop nearby. You do have a plenty of options including autos, taxi, buses, etc. The nearest railway station is Anantapur Railway Station and the nearest airport is Puttaparthi Airport.

Ideal Time to Visit

There is no specific time. It can be visited anytime throughout the year. However, the ideal time to enjoy the view with all the lights and decoration would be during Day of Independence (15th of August) and the Republic Day (26th of January).

Do pay your Tribute

Never forget to pay you tribute to all the martyrs and the freedom fighters would have struggled for the freedom of India and made it an Independent Nation. Just remembers all those dreams of the freedom fighters.

Nearby attractions at The Clock Tower

For foodies!!
Do visit the nearby restaurants for the food and rest assured you will enjoy your meal. There are multiple options for food with a combination of restaurants with multiple cuisines. So, no need to bother about the food as you relish the rich culture as well as South Indian food during your visit.

It’s Time!!
It’s time to get ready to go for a ride through history by visiting the most famous Clock Tower at Anantapur and pay your respect and gratitude to those saints whose only dream was to free India.