This New Dublin Venture Fund sees opportunities in travel during an epidemic


Technology gives the travel sector a chance to recover, and many startups are helping the industry recover from the coming, epidemic in stages.

There is still a problem. Startup entrepreneurs may be inventive technologies, but they often do not have a grip on the commercial architecture of the travel sector. Innocence and inexperience open the abyss between startups and corporate customers, preventing many travel companies from widely adopting innovations.

Today’s investors take a risk by betting on quixotic-sounding ideas, thanks to capital. Venture capitalists need to do more to help entrepreneurs build bridges for executives in travel brands. They should act as pioneers and provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they have acquired about how the travel industry works.

At least, the scenario of Team ABC, The latest venture capital fund to launch with a specific mission to invest in the travel and transportation industry.

“We want to bring coaching to the table with capital, because we see it as a missing item,” he said. Ure Relius Noel, Regular partner at Team ABC.

“Coming from an airline into this venture industry, I was shocked,” said Noel, former chief commercial officer at Level Airlines and Viva Air. “Most venture outfits promise to invest more than capital, but then the reality is different. Many entrepreneurs are thinking about how to distribute and get acquainted with CFOs. [chief financial officer] At critical supplier, and so on. ”

The Dublin-based team will invest in startups that address air, land and sea travel, including ABC tourism-based and cargo-based operations – with a particular interest in sustainability and digital transformation. It prefers business start-ups rather than what the customer encounters.

Team ABC made its first investment in April 2021 with an undeclared amount Yield, Paris-based inventory management system. Its equity share is now up to 20 percent.

Team ABC has begun making contacts with potential customers of Yildin services.

For example, Team ABC spoke with partners Tormac, About the software distribution of Yeldin, an Argentine consultancy for airlines on revenue management. Team ABC is also exploring how Yeldin algorithms designed for air travel can help with sea-based ferry services.

Noel Fellow team ABC partners joined Brian Marrinon, The creators of NDRC, the first startup accelerator in Ireland Clyde Hutchinson, Co-leader at Propeller Shannon, a startup accelerator for aviation in Ireland.

The average check size of Team ABC for start-up investment varies by region. In Europe and the US, 000 300,000 to 50,000 350,000 is common, while the check size may increase to 000 500,000. In emerging markets, 000 150,000 would be more typical, Noel said. Team ABC received funding from some family offices and is targeting a fund of 30 million million.

Noel did not name future investments.

A source told Schift that the team was considering taking a stake in ABC Sea Routes, Hamburg based startup. Searoots attempts to transport intermodal cargo – or move cargo in an intermodal container using different modes of transport – more efficiently. The company also aims to reassure buyers around the world what their carbon footprints are in shipping networks, such as Nike and Walmart.

Travel Startups Source Team at ABC Venture Capital Investor Team ABC Partner Ure Relius Noel

The new venture capital investor team in travel startups is Ure Relius Noel, a partner in ABC. Source: Team ABC.

Noel said Team ABC is helping some startups integrate to further strengthen their personal software offerings as a combination platform.

“We can bundle different products or features that entrepreneurs offer,” Noel said. “Say one person has developed something interesting in scheduling optimization for airlines, and we have another that does something in the airlines’ pay space, another that serves another. We help entrepreneurs unite as a platform. It is possible to purchase a package. ”

Team ABC wants to invest more in emerging markets, but wants to bet only on entrepreneurs whose principals have met in person. Restrictions on international travel during the epidemic prevented key person meetings, hampering the company’s investment momentum.

“Currently it is impossible to invest in a startup in Mexico or Argentina or India,” Noel said. “We need to meet with entrepreneurs because personal touch is a major part of due diligence. We want these entrepreneurs to have a kind of guiding role in what their business is still developing. We need to know about them personally before investing.”

Joining Travel Tech Investors’ Lively Set

In the early stages Team ABC would have to jostle with clothing that invested in startups in travel and transportation Thayer Ventures, Howzat Partners, Plug and play (Accelerator), Fosun RZ Capital, Global Founders Capital, Gobi Partners, 500 startups (Accelerator), Founders factory (Incubator), and Kaiksa Capital Risk. There are corporate venture capital players JetBlue Tech Ventures And Amadeus Ventures And the new incubator Amadeus Nexwave.

“Innovations in the field of travel and transportation continued in the early innings, and the global pandemic accelerated experiments across the value chain,” said Managing Director Chris Hemeter. Thayer Ventures. “We have always been cooperative investors and we welcome Team ABC’s announcement.”

In addition to venture investing, Thayer also set up a specialized acquisition company that could conclude a contract Take the Luxury Travel Club, Inspirato.

Howzat Partners, It’s busy million 120 million (million 100 million) For the newest fund to invest in travel startups and other digital businesses, the team welcomes ABC into the field.

“Over the more than two decades that I have been involved in Travel Tech, many interesting new startups – as well as existing players – around the world have been developing the game — changing new tech and innovative B2B [business-to-business] And b2c [business-to-consumer] Customer Solutions, ”said David Soskin, partner and co-founder at Houzat.

“In the short term, Kovid lockdowns have had a detrimental effect on many travel tech businesses, especially those facing the consumer, not to mention the horrific health impact worldwide,” Soskin said.

“In the long run, Kovid will have a very positive impact on the sector,” Soskin said. “Wolfgang Munchau, of FT [Financial Times’] European commentator, briefly tell me when he called Kovid-19.The end of the analog era‘. The involvement of Team ABC will further fuel the travel technology rocket. ”

UPDATE: Team ABC asked Tarmac to assist Yieldin to deliver in Argentina.

Photo credit: Rosie Hackett Bridge, Dublin City, Ireland, 2020. Dublin-based Team ABC is a new international venture capital fund investing in the travel sector. Paola Floris / Filet Ireland / Tourism Ireland


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