10 Amazing tourist visit places in bangalore India

No matter whom you ask, tourist visit places in bangalore is one of the best tourist places in India to live in. One reason for loving bangalore is the job opportunities and growing IT Sector. The obvious other reason is its climatic condition and places to visit on the weekends in the City. Weekend Getaways in Bangalore India is plenty and everybody will love.

tourist visit places in bangalore

The amazing tourist places Bangalore and weekend getaways make the city as the most happening capital in South India. Bangalore is full of architecture, adventure, peaceful, exciting, and relaxing places in the city and the outskirts. Also, the night-life is one of the most loved in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru is one of the perfectly blended cities that have traditional, cultural, modern, colorful gardens along with a pleasant climate that makes it the best tourist places to visit. Be it old or young people, you will definitely find your corner of interest in this amazing city. Here are 10 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore.

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You Should Visit 10 Amazing tourist visit places in Bangalore City

Bangalore Palace:

The first in the list is over 140-year-old Bangalore Palace. It is a sheer architectural beauty that is amazingly built in the year 1873 and is one of the must-visit places if you love architecture. It is spread in 25000 square feet displaying regal Tudor and Scottish Gothic architecture.Read More

Nandi Hills:

You will love this place for sure. Nandi Hills is an incredible hillock that will be truly a retreat for nature lovers. From cycling to paragliding, you can do so much here in the Nandi Hills. Sunrise and sunsets in Nandi Hills are something you should at least experience once in your life.Read More

Iskon Temple:

Iskcon is one of the oldest and impressive temples in Bangalore India. Iskcon is the chain of temples that are religiously famous. Especially, Bangalore Iskcon temple is the most popular one. It is located at Rajajinagar. This is a serene place to visit in the evenings and offer your prayers.Read More

Lal Bagh Botanical Gardens:

Lalbagh is one of the most established professional Gardens in India and is likewise a significant vacation spot in South India. Situated in South Bengaluru, the Lalbagh Botanical Garden isn’t just one of the biggest Botanical gardens in India, yet in addition, Lalbagh is the first one that has glasshouses and ornamental flowers growing.Read More

Bannerghatta National Park:

Bannerghatta National Park is one of the intriguing spots to visit with regards to Bengaluru for the wildlife sanctuaries and the rich vegetation. One can enlist jeeps and vehicles or board a transport for visiting around this extraordinary national park spread over a zone of 104.27 sq. km.Read More


Doddamakali is one of the well known beautiful places in Bengaluru, Karnataka, known for its provincial appeal and woody environmental factors. It is 6 km upstream from the Bheemeshwari Fishing Camp, a good ways off of 132 km from Bengaluru.

Doddamakali is a well-known area for corporate group building and end of the week excursions from Bengaluru. As it is detached from the hurrying around the city, this spot gives a happy weekend feels.Read More

Ulsoor Lake:

The Ulsoor town is likewise known by another name called Halasuru which houses the Ulsoor lake. The wonderful lake is one of the greatest in the city which is firmly situated to MG Street and is spread over a region of 50 hectares. This really brings rejuvenating experience.Read More

Avalabetta Hills:

Avalabetta Hills is a less heard spot, stunning Hill spot. The slope offers us a beguiling perspective on the open country, the moving hillocks, and the enormous pieces of green sand the hazy background. There is a motorable street today which will lead you to the highest point of the Hill.

To the extent your eye can see, you can see the excellent wide open with slopes, valleys, lakes, trees, and winding streets. This place is amazing for photographs.Read More

Skandagiri Hills:

Skandagiri Hills Bangalore India is one of the most hypnotizing perspectives on the sky and earth that meet at dawn with mists at eye-level tallness encouraging you not to leave. A night trek in Bangalore, Skandagiri is an unquestionable requirement for experience and nature sweethearts, who can go through the night with a camp remain before an astounding blaze.Read More

Manchanable Dam:

Manchanabele is a little town situated on the edges of Bangalore India that is known for its pleasant dam and lovely scenic view.

It is a short 40km drive away from Bangalore India and has as of late rose as a mainstream end of the week retreat for the individuals of the Bangalore due to the harmony, normal excellence, and quietness offered by the spot. If you are seeking for some refreshing time alongside the water in Bangalore, Manchanable Dam is the right choice.Read More

What are other activities you can do when you visit Bangalore city?

Apart from these places, Bangalore city is famous for its nightlife. The night is always young at Bangalore. If you ask us more about what you can do in Bangalore India, we would definitely ask you to try street shopping. You will love it.

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