Trivago wants to engage with travelers after booking trips


With the epidemic, the stressed hotel meta search from Germany Trivago Keeps itself to follow the hybrid model.

During the company’s first quarter earnings call on Tuesday, CEO Axel Hefer spoke about Trivago’s recent deal. Source tours and activities from TUI, It is in the early testing phase, allowing Trivago to engage with passengers on their voyages and offer new opportunities. So far, Trivago has mostly communicated with customers before their travels.

Trivago offers local weekend getaways in the UK and US, in addition to other moves other than the classic meta search proposal that sends customers looking for hotels from Trivago to online travel agency or hotel websites to make their bookings. Although not yet merged, it has added train tickets to existing holiday packages.

Trivago was working to increase its local offerings during the epidemic when travel volumes were low, but now it has gained some um, Heffer said in a skift interview following a revenue call.

“Before it was swimming without water,” Heffer said.


The coronavirus epidemic, lockdowns in Europe, the growing virus in India and Turkey and the severe mutilation of international travel have hurt Trivago’s first-quarter financial results.

Trivago cut its net loss for the first quarter to 6. 6.7 million ($ 8 million) in the first quarter, compared to $ 214.3 million ($ 257.4 million) a year ago. Revenue fell 73 percent in the first three months of 2021 to $ 38.2 million ($ 45.9 million).

Hepherd told analysts that after the start of the epidemic, travel to Israel could reach positive levels, including the 2019 level, a rebound in the US, a rapid vaccination speed in Europe, and a slowdown in cancellation. More passenger confidence.

Heffer said Trivago did not take advantage of the short-term rental boom at the start of the epidemic because its customer base was increasingly searching for hotels, but hotels are now rebounding strongly.

He took it as another positive sign that Trivago would not have a negative impact on the ongoing business travel downturn, as its business is high for excursions and not for road warriors.

Turning on marketing again

Chief Financial Officer Matthias Tillman estimates that earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization will be similar to the first quarter loss of మి 4.8 million (7.5 million million), but these adjusted earnings will change positively for the second half of the year.

He said Trivago began raising its marketing costs, including TV, in America in March.

Tilman said Trivago’s marketing strategy, which is approximately 50-50 split between pre-epidemic performance and brand marketing, is reviewed weekly and the company is opportunistic in its approach.

“Right now there is no golden rule that we want to do 50-50,” he added.

Photo credit: File photo of Trivago offices at German headquarters. The company is expanding the range of products and services it offers to travelers.


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