‘Twilight’ Movies Leaving Netflix in January 2022

twilight movies leaving netflix

The Twilight Saga – Picture: Lionsgate

After pulling in spectacular numbers since their addition to Netflix again in July 2021, each and every Twilight film is now set to depart Netflix however handiest within the United States in January 2022. 

Grossing over 3 billion within the field place of job and a number of cash ever since, The Twilight Saga is possibly the crown jewel within the Lionsgate / Summit Entertainment arsenal.

Over the summer season, Netflix introduced it might be licensing all 5 of the films with them arriving on July sixteenth, 2021.

Now, as we all know, Lionsgate authorized Netflix the films for 6 months with all 5 films set to leave Netflix on January sixteenth, 2022. That approach your closing day to observe the films on Netflix is January fifteenth.

How The Twilight films carried out on Netflix within the United States

Thanks to a number of knowledge issues together with Netflix best 10 knowledge, hourly knowledge and Nielsen, we all know that the film franchise used to be massive on Netflix over the summer season.

In phrases of being within the best 10s, the primary film featured within the film best 10s for 18 days ahead of throwing in the towel.

Top 10 hourly knowledge equipped on Netflix finds how each and every movie did inside the first few weeks of being on Netflix (notice hourly knowledge is handiest equipped when the identify is within the best 10s that week):

  • Twilight featured between July eleventh to August 1st: 25.03 million hours
  • The Twilight Saga: New Moon featured between July 18th to July twenty fifth: 14.86 million hours
  • The Twilight Saga: Eclipse featured between July 18th and July twenty fifth: 8.96 million hours
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 1 featured between July 18th and July twenty fifth: 7.99 million hours
  • The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 featured between July 18th and August 1st: 13.90 million hours

For some analysts, the film franchise being added to Netflix led them to name it a “Twilight Summer”. The Entertainment Strategy Guy made the case for his or her being advantages and negatives to the films being so giant in particular within the United States.

Will Twilight depart Netflix globally?

No and sure.

Given the films are authorized, they’re achieved so on a region-by-region foundation. Only Netflix US won the films again in July 2021 and different areas like the United Kingdom were streaming the films for lots longer. Some areas have additionally won the films since.

So whilst Lionsgate virtually all the time licenses for a undeniable period of time for the instant, the January 2022 elimination date handiest applies to the UNited States.

Will you pass over The Twilight films after they depart Netflix? Let us know within the feedback.

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