Ulsoor Lake Bangalore | 123 Acres Wide Amazing Lake

Ulsoor Lake is a beautiful lake to visit in Bangalore and it’s one of the biggest lakes in Bangalore, Karnataka. It is present on the eastern side of this city. It is also referred to as Halasuru Lake by some. If one likes island hopping then this would almost be like your dream destination at a way lesser expense. It isn’t just called big for no reason it is 123 acres huge.

This place is beautiful for clicking pictures especially due to its blue looking water. Ulsoor lake is amazing for the people who enjoy photography because it’s not just practice but also the satisfaction the photographer gets by clicking the beautiful birds and the scenery.

This Ulsoor lake Bangalore is dated back to Kempe gowdas’(II)  time. Nobody knows the exact time of when it was built, but it is almost 300 years ago.

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The one thing that anyone who knows this lake will suggest is boating because that is basically the most popular activity here. It’s beautiful to look at the landscape and revel in the beauty of this destination. Boats can be taken individually or shared with other people.

Either way, the important thing here is to be able to enjoy the peace one finds when going through the lake in a boat watching the landscape, hearing the water make the sound when the boat moves through it, hearing the birds, and even ducks sometimes quack. One really has to be there and experience it to feel the way it makes us feel.

How to reach to Ulsoor lake from different places in India?

Ulsoor Lake is very easy to find because it is situated extremely close to one of the most popular shopping markets in Bangalore called M G Road. The transport facilities are numerous here from cabs to autos to even buses, one can take any transport.

They will surely know how to take you to this lake, the most comfortable way might be a cab but you won’t be able to experience the weather of Bangalore when you’re traveling in a cab so if it isn’t that far from where you live taking an auto will be like the traditional Indian and feeling the Bangalore weather will just make the trip even more fun.

Best Time to visit Ulsoor Lake

Ulsoor Lake is open from early in the morning to pretty much late evening so anytime one visiting it is nice. But if one had to choose it has to be either the sunrise or sunset because the midst the water with the beautiful sun is much better than a clear sky.

One has to keep in mind that it can get hot sometimes during peak summers after sunrise so it is advisable to not go at those times but if you seem to love a good tan and a bright sun then that’s your choice.

Foods you should try in Ulsoor Lake

There’s numerous kind of food that is found here ranging from the kind of street food that is lip-smacking to the extremely rich and royal expensive cuisine and no doubt all this is amazing. Carrying homemade food or even some traditional snacks and eating there is much better as it avoids the huge hassle that we all face between choosing where you should eat. This is totally allowed and if you’re hungrier even after all the snacking you can always get more food nearby.


CUBBON PARK – 5.3 km away



Plan for the Whole Day – ULSOOR LAKE

If you have a whole day reserved for this then going to Ulsoor Lake in the morning around Sunrise is the best plan. Watch the sunrise, have breakfast, go for boating and have some good time with friends or family. You can spend some great picnic time till evening. The sunset at Ulsoor Lake is breathtaking. If you have only a little time then one must not miss the sunset and boating as they are the best things here.

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