Virgin River Season 4 on Netflix: Everything We Know So Far

Virgin River Season 4 is all we know so far

Virgin River – Image: Netflix

Virgin River Season 4 is officially on Netflix after the two-season order for the streaming service show (renewed until Season 5). Everything we know so far about Season 4 is updated here Virgin River And what can we expect to go into the fourth season.

Editor’s Note: This preview was originally published in July 2021, but has been updated monthly to reflect the latest developments, with the latest update being in September 2021.

A quick recap before we sink into the future of the series. Virgin River Robin Car series is a drama series that adapts novels. It focuses on a young midwife and nurse practitioner named Mel, who moves from the big city to a small rural town in Northern California.

During the three seasons of the show, we saw Mel get acquainted with many different people across town and saw the play throughout her.

Season 1 was first released on Netflix in December 2019, then in November 2020 and most recently Season 3 was released on July 2021.

Did Netflix restore the Virgin River for Season 4?

Official Renewal Status: Officially Renewed (Last Updated: 07/26/2021)

On September 20, Netflix confirmed to USAToday that Season 4 and Season 5 were moving forward on Netflix. Multi-season orders on Netflix are rare but a testament to the potential of the series.

Of course, Season 4 Virgin River Have known about for some time.

Earlier this year, we reported that several production listings were listed as coming back for a fourth season. Even better, we later learned that filming for Season 4 will begin at the end of July 2021.

The program is based entirely in Vancouver, Canada.

Radiotimes interviewed Lauren Morris Vernon Doc as Tim Matheson. This interview took place shortly after the Season 3 premiere, they confirmed our reports, saying that filming will start “any day now”.

Thanks to the Watershed Grill post on Instagram, we know that filming will take place there on August 17th and 18th, 2021. The watershed grill serves as a replacement for the bar Virgin River. Additional filming took place on The Watershed Grill between August 30 and September 2.

Watershed Grill Filming Virgin River Season 4

Filming for the Watershed Grill – Image: Instagram

We can also reveal that the filming is currently in pencil to be completed on November 30, 2021.

The rapid recovery of the show’s followers should come as no big surprise. Seasons 2 and 3 have been renewed before the start of the season on Netflix. This is especially true for Season 3, which was filmed during the Season 2 release.

Even the top 10 data continues to support it Virgin River Although this was a big hit for Netflix, the streaming service did not release official numbers.

Since the introduction of the Top 10s, the show has been on the Top 10 for a total of 75 days. For Season 3, the show was # 1 in the United States for just two weeks and finally dropped out of the top 10 a month later.

Nielsen’s top 10 also topped the series between July 12 and July 18 with 2,109 million minutes in the series. Manifest (On Netflix) and Loki (In Disney +).

Virgin River Season 3 release time on Netflix

Virgin River – Image: Netflix

When is Season 4 of the Virgin River on Netflix?

With filming taking place so early, we don’t have to wait for ridiculous time for the new season.

With that said, don’t expect a 2021 release for Season 4, instead, we’re anticipating it right now Virgin River Season 4 is set to return in 2022, which will be in Q2-Q3 2022 (anywhere between April and July 2022).

Virgin River Season 3 Episode 1 00 08 46 05 c

Virgin River (L to R) as Keith McKenzie Nick, Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins, and Trevor Lerner as Bert on episode 301 Virgin River Cr. Netflix Court © 2021

What to expect from Virgin River Season 4

Mel’s big story goes into Season 4, but the real father has yet to be revealed even though she is pregnant. It is believed to be revealed by the end of Season 4.

Brady’s future looks in jeopardy, with Jack being arrested for shooting at the end of Season 2.

We should see Hope return in season 4, but it has not yet appeared in any form. She did not attend most of Season 3 (mainly due to not being allowed to go to the movies) but we learned that she was visiting her aunt in a different state. On her way back, however, she was rushed to hospital after an accident in a hurricane Virgin River.

Virgin River Season 3 Episode 9 00 07 15 19 c

Virgin River (L to R) as Tim Matheson as Doc Mullins and STARE FARBER TARA in Episode 309 of Virgin River Cr. Netflix Court © 2021

Beyond Doc Mullins (Hope’s husband), he continues to struggle with his disease (macular degeneration), which progresses slowly throughout the season. Sue Tenny, who works as a showrunner for the Virgin River, talked to Entertainment Weekly about what to expect from Hope in Season 4:

“For us, it’s recovery and what she’s dealing with – traumatic brain injury. By being hospitalized and recovering, our show is not really a place to live.

But we are very committed to something that is true, so let’s go to the edge of what is the best recovery for this.

We are always medically committed to the parameters, but we also know what we want to do at this point, these are emotionally drama-based stories.

According to an interview with the actress, it has been confirmed that Linda Boyd will return in flashback form for Season 4.

Daniel Gillies also joked about returning to the show:

“What I’m saying here is that the good news about being a somewhat troublesome, dead husband is that you can always appear. I’ll leave it at that.”

If you are looking for something to stream in the meantime, go to our top recommendations on similar programs Virgin River.

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