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Gupta Family: LocalCart.co

Look at Santa! There is a new delivery service in town. The epidemic highlighted the need for door-to-door delivery, allowing community members to support local businesses safely from home. And you can thank the Gupta family and LocalCart.co. For sending Edmonton Eats Holiday Culture boxes directly to your door this season (much more convenient than the chimney!).

LocalCart.co. Started last summer and is owned by Chandrama Gupta and her 3 siblings with the full support of their parents. These full-time students hope to grow their organization by continuing their local values ​​and connecting with more stores in Edmonton. They offer one-day shopping and delivery services from many businesses where you have already shopped, plus, they have a unique knowledge of ethnic grocery items and can pick up everything you need!

This past summer, Maureen arrived at a local cart.com to assist with deliveries for the Taste of Somalia event, which had to actually run due to COVID-19. Local Cart is again partnering with Edmonton Eats for the Holiday Cultural Box Event, delivering to customers around the city. Chandrama said the partnership with Edmonton Eats gave them the opportunity to be a small part of their mission to support local immigrant and refugee families. It was especially special because she knew for the first time what it would be like to have an immigrant family in the new land.

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