What Countries Produce The Most Popular Netflix Shows and Movies?

most popular content on netflix from around the world

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Part of the explanation why Netflix has such an excellent lead on its streaming competition is as a result of its international output. Productions from in all places the arena land onto Netflix however which nations produce the most well liked content material? We’ve were given the solutions.

Now it’s essential to notice at this level that the highest 10s are very a lot reflective of Netflix’s output along how in style content material is. For instance, if there are fewer titles from the United Kingdom in a single quarter you’ll most probably to find that’s related to any drop in recognition.

With due to FlixPatrol for offering us with this unique information. For those that don’t know the way FlixPatrol works, they accumulate day by day TV and picture lists from Netflix all over the global. They then collect that information assigning issues (10 issues to that day’s number one, 1 level to that day’s quantity 10) and from that information, we will be able to then ruin down recognition by means of a lot of options whether or not that be by means of style or on this case, by means of nation of foundation.

It will have to be famous that some productions may well be argued to be a multi-country effort. A display like The Witcher is assessed as a US display regardless of having involvement from manufacturing firms within the United Kingdom, Hungary, and Poland.

Movies and Shows from the United States Are The Most Popular on Netflix

It most certainly shouldn’t come as any marvel that content material from the United States is the most well liked on Netflix being taking over 61% of the entire most sensible 10 slots on moderate since Q2 2020.

Whether it’s from authorized Hollywood films or the large slate Netflix has constituted of inside the United States, it displays no signal of no longer being the dominant nation of foundation for content material going ahead.

Quarter Number of Points in Top 10s Percentage of Titles within the Top 10s
Q2 2020 301468 60.88%
Q3 2020 450305 59.84%
This fall 2020 498737 62.24%
Q1 2021 536876 66.24%
Q2 2021 461755 56.25%
Q3 2021 525911 63.16%
This fall 2021 520218 58.97%

united states popularity on netflix top 10s

The Rise of South Korean Content Popularity

You’ve most certainly learn a slew of articles that state Netflix is dominating with regards to South Korean content material and to an extent they’re proper. Rising to the second one hottest in This fall 2021, Netflix celebrated its upward push within the area again in September pronouncing that that they had made 80 displays and films within the area. Output offers from native suppliers have additionally helped propel the nations output world wide.

Earlier this yr, we reported on the truth that Asian content material had surpassed European content material in recognition within the most sensible 10s in past due 2021 and now due to particular person nation information, we will be able to file it’s virtually solely as a result of Korean content material.

Let’s have a look at its upward push in recognition over the last two years. This fall 2021 could be an outlier with the arriving of Squid Game however Korean content material has been on a sluggish march up the charts without reference to Squid Game.

Quarter Number of Points in Top 10s Percentage of Titles within the Top 10s
Q2 2020 22333 4.51%
Q3 2020 39615 5.26%
This fall 2020 33647 4.2%
Q1 2021 35331 4.36%
Q2 2021 36833 4.49%
Q3 2021 44654 5.36%
This fall 2021 104175 11.81%
korean content popularity over time

Korean Content Popularity on Netflix Top 10s – Quarter vs Points

United Kingdom Content Trending Downwards

Another pattern we’ve noticed over the last two years is that content material from the United Kingdom suffering to make as a lot within the most sensible 10s.

Again, this is usually a symptom of the nations output onto Netflix (which is being considerably beefed up) however you’ll see underneath, in particular from Q2 2021 onwards, that recognition in UK content material has been trending downwards.

  • Q2 2020 – 5.61%
  • Q3 2020 – 5.43%
  • This fall 2020 – 7.41%
  • Q1 2021 – 6.28%
  • Q2 2021 – 4.50%
  • Q3 2021 – 2.71%
  • This fall 2021 – 2.62%

united kingdom netflix popularity over time

Competition of Spanish-language Content on Netflix

Another pattern we’ve beloved monitoring is the Spanish-language content material inside the most sensible 10s.

While Spanish content material from Spain has most commonly stored forward of content material from Colombia and Mexico, it’s a detailed race with all 3 nations (regardless of large cultural variations) being in style world wide.

Below, you’ll see the nations output as a share of recognition through the years and the way shut the race is despite the fact that Mexico did drop in Q3 and This fall 2021.

spanish language content percentage netflix top 10s

Full Top 10 Country Popularity Over Time

For the knowledge geeks amongst you, right here’s a breakdown of what nations had essentially the most titles within the most sensible 10s for each and every quarter ranging from Q2 2020.

Position This fall 2021 Q3 2021 Q2 2021 Q1 2021 This fall 2020 Q3 2020 Q2 2020
1 United States (58.97%) United States (63.16%) United States (56.25%) United States (66.24%) United States (62.24%) United States (59.84%) United States (60.88%)
2 South Korea (11.81%) South Korea (5.36%) Mexico (5.3%) United Kingdom (6.28%) United Kingdom (7.41%) United Kingdom (5.43%) Spain (7.14%)
3 Colombia (3.5%) Spain (4.72%) Spain (5.13%) South Korea (4.36%) South Korea (4.2%) South Korea (5.26%) United Kingdom (5.61%)
4 Spain (3.06%) Colombia (3.78%) United Kingdom (4.5%) Spain (2.64%) Canada (2.7%) Colombia (4.18%) South Korea (4.51%)
5 United Kingdom (2.62%) France (3.07%) South Korea (4.49%) Colombia (2.28%) Spain (2.54%) Poland (3.74%) Poland (2.87%)
6 France (2.15%) United Kingdom (2.71%) Japan (2.96%) India (2.03%) Colombia (2.13%) Mexico (3.57%) France (2.16%)
7 Germany (2.11%) Japan (2.43%) Canada (2.57%) Italy (1.8%) France (1.97%) Spain (3.12%) Canada (2.06%)
8 India (2.09%) Germany (1.96%) Colombia (2.54%) Mexico (1.52%) India (1.64%) Germany (3.04%) Japan (2.02%)
9 Japan (1.91%) Russia (1.79%) China (2.04%) Poland (1.43%) Japan (1.48%) France (1.83%) Germany (1.94%)
10 Canada (1.61%) India (1.29%) Poland (1.88%) France (1.28%) Germany (1.46%) Japan (1.55%) Colombia (1.77%)

Do you generally tend to observe handiest US content material on Netflix or do you watch content material from world wide? Let us know within the feedback.

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