What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: September 17th, 2021

Squid Game - What's New on Netflix

Squid Game – Image: Netflix

Greetings on Friday and welcome to your daily review of new things on Netflix. Today Netflix saw the entire house of the originals with just one licensed pickup. Here are the new and trending ones for September 17, 2021.

Only one title is currently scheduled to hit Netflix this weekend in the form Dark sky (2013) coming Sunday.

Before the removal, the removal will appear tomorrow Class Rank (2018) and on Sunday we watch every season of the CW Show, Beauty & the Beast Depart.

Best New Movies & TV Shows on Netflix

Sex Education (Season 3)

Style: Comedy, Drama
Cast: Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderson, Nkuti Gatwa, Emma Mackie, Connor Swindles, Kedar Williams-Stirling
Author: Larry Nunn
Runtime: 45 min

The biggest comedy on Netflix right now is Sex Education by Country Mile and it returns today with the biggest and best reviewed entry ever.

We know that viewership of Netflix trailers often indicates how popular shows are and if so, Sex Education Season 3 will be home run.

Never checked the show? Here is what you can expect:

When it comes to sex counseling there are all the answers to unsafe otitis, thanks to his therapist mother. So Rebel proposed the Mave School Sex Therapy Clinic.

Squid Game (Season 1)

Style: Action, thriller, drama
Cast: Lee Jung-jay, Park Hee-soo, Yi Ha-jun, Oh Young-soo, Jung Ho-yeon, Hyo Sung-te
Runtime: 60 minutes

The squid game has been one of our most awaited foreign titles for some time. The witty series looks exclusive to a game show.

Initial reviews indicate that this thriller is definitely worth watching and given the ending, we hope to cut the line further.

Full list of new releases on Netflix for September 17, 2021

3 new movies added today

  • Ankahi Kahania (2021) Netflix Original -TV-14- Hindi-While big city life is buzzing around them, lonely souls find surprising sources of connection and camaraderie in the three stories of love, loss and passion.
  • The Father Who Moves the Mountains (2021) Netflix Original -TV-MA-Romanian-When his son goes missing on a snowy trek in the mountains, a retired intelligence officer stops at nothing to find him — and puts everything at risk.
  • The Stronghold (2020) Netflix Original -TV-MA- Fed up with the French-short-time grind, the three Marseille police get a chance to destroy a major drug drug network. The lines blur when the key informer asks loudly.

Today 4 new TV series have been added

  • Chicago Party Aunt (Part 1) Netflix Original -TV-MA-English-Chicago Party Aunt Diane is an issue of idolatry that has the potential to prevent adolescence- and a soft spot for her nephews looking for her soul.
  • Sex Education (Season 3) Netflix Original -TV-MA-English-Sex counseling has all the answers to unsafe otitis, thanks to his therapist mother. So Rebel proposed the Mave School Sex Therapy Clinic.
  • Squid Game (Season 1) Netflix Original -TV-MA-Korean-Hundreds of cashless players have accepted a bizarre invitation to take part in children’s games. Inside, an attractive gift awaits – with a deadly high share.
  • Toyo and Little Wizards (Season 1) -TV-Y7- Tao goes fast for an adventure when he is kidnapped by evil magicians whose friends invade their city for a Korean-magic gem.

Top 10 Movies & TV Shows on Netflix for September 17, 2021

# Television programs Movies
1 Lucifer Safe house
2 Clickbyte Kate
3 Circle Nightbooks
4 Cocamelon Imperfect life
5 Turning point: 9/11 and the war on terror Bait
6 Manifest Dragon Rider
7 Sharkdog Vivo
8 Hang on! The birth of the dragon
9 Extortion of money Schumacher
10 Is on the edge School of Rock

We will be back on Sunday with a full review of all new releases on Netflix this week.

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