What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: September 28th, 2021

What’s New on Netflix & Top 10s: September 28th, 2021

Britney Vs Spears – Image: Netflix

Welcome to your first daily look at new things on Netflix this week with 8 amazing new movies, documentaries and TV serials now available. Here are the new and trending ones on Netflix for September 28, 2021.

If you want to see Netflix ready to depart soon, we suggest you give it a go A person with a plan A spin before departure on Thursday. More than 100 movies will be released on Friday so make sure you have any of them before they leave.

On the other hand, there are a lot of new titles to look forward to this week, including a total of 180 episodes Seinfeld Hit on Friday along with a selection of good movies.

So there are so many highlights to cover so let’s dig in:

Best New Movies & TV Shows on Netflix on September 28th

Britney Vs Spears (2021)

Style: Documentary, music
Director: Erin Lee Carr
Cast: Britney Spears, Erin Lee Carr, Jamie Spears
Runtime: 93 min

Britney Spears Docs is currently turning into a dozen due to an ongoing Supreme Court case. Now it’s Netflix’s turn to get into action and from what we’ve seen, this is the best entry so far.

Detailed Documentation A team of journalists works with a documentary filmmaker to lead an ongoing case in a comprehensive manner.

The rule of comedy (Limited Series)

Style: Play
Cast: Jeff Daniels, Holly Hunter, Michael Kelly
Author: Billy Ray
Runtime: 210 min

As we first reported, Netflix has now acquired the streaming rights for Cameri Rule some time ago with two episodes of the two-part limited series on Netflix.

The series, which is undoubtedly controversial in some circles, seeks to document the tensions between FBI Director James Comey and former US President Donald Trump.

Ada Twist, Scientist (Season 1)

Style: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Amanda Christine, Nicholas Crovetti, Candus Kozak, Terence Little Gordenhai, Susan Kelechi Watson, Te Digs
Author: Chris Nee
Runtime: 30 minutes

Following the children’s picture book by Andrea Beatty, this new children’s series was recently released by Obama production company, Higher Ground Productions, in association with Chris Nee. Ridley Jones And We are people With Netflix Dino Daycare And Spirit Rangers Has yet to come.

This series is about a young scientist who explores the wonderful world of science with his friends.

Full list of new releases on Netflix for September 28, 2021

4 new movies added today

  • Hollywood Clichెస్s Attack! (2021) Netflix Original -TV-MA-English-One-Man Armies, Meat-Cutes, Casual Strolls from Massive Blasts-Stars and Industry Inside Shoot these movie chestnuts and more.
  • Britney Vs Spears (2021) Netflix Original -TV-MA-English-journalist Jenny Ellis and filmmaker Erin Lee Carr investigated Britney Spears’ struggle for freedom through exclusive interviews and secret evidence.
  • Ex-Pause (2018) -TV-14- Documentary and fiction blur in this film by former shaman Perpera Surui through evangelism of the Potter Surui tribe of Portuguese-Brazil.
  • Pope Francis: A Man of His Word (2018) – PG – English – Documentary filmmaker Wim Wenders traveled around the world with Pope Francis, recording at an age when the controversial Pontiff’s humanitarian views were severely divided.

Today 4 new TV series have been added

  • Ada Twist, Scientist (Season 1) Netflix Original -TV-PG-English-pint-size scientist Ada Twist and her two best friends are asking big questions -and working together to find out the truth about everything!
  • Resurrection: Ertugrul (Season 6) -TV-14- Turkish-When a dynasty is in danger without knowing a good deed, a 13th century Turkish warrior agrees to fight the Sultan’s enemies instead of a new tribal land.
  • Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reconnaissance (Season 1) -TV-14- English-R. As more and more women came forward with serious allegations against Kelly, his criminal case gained momentum in pursuit of powerful documentaries.
  • The Come Rule (Limited Series) -TV-MA- English- Adapted from “A Higher Loyalty” memoir, the play illustrates the relationship between Donald Trump and former FBI Director James Comey.

Top 10 Movies & TV Shows on Netflix for September 28, 2021

#Television programsMovies
1Squid gameThe Starling
2Midnight MassMy Little Pony: New Generation
3Sex EducationIncreased ups
5Monsters inside: 24 faces of Billy MilliganVivo
6ClickbyteSafe house
10Jailbirds: New OrleansToot-to-Corey Carson: Chrissy takes the wheel

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