When was Panasonic Group founded?

When was Panasonic Group founded? Amazon


Which of these phrases is the tag line of Panasonic Air conditioners?

(D)Meet The Future

What is Panasonic Air Conditioners’ Anti-Covid 19* Technology called ?


Panasonic Smart Air Conditioners work with which of the below?

(D)All of the above

‘Panasonic Air Conditioners’ JetStream Technology throws cool air up to ___?

(B)45 FT


How to Play AMAZON Funzone

1) Download Amazon App From Google play Store OR Apple store

2) Open & Sign in To the Amazon App

3) Search box

(i) Type Fun zone (or) Quize

(ii) Alexa go to Funzone ( voice button click)

4) There will Be Question

5) Answer The Quiz Questions correctly To Enter The Lucky Draw