When will Seasons 16-19 of ‘NCIS’ be on Netflix?

When will Seasons 16-19 of ‘NCIS’ be on Netflix?

NCIS – Image: ViacomCBS

NCIS Season 19 is back on CBS and if you look to catch up on Netflix, the US is still far behind on the hit CBS show. At this point, Seasons 16, 17, 18, and now Season 19 are not coming to Netflix at all. Here are the ones we know and why.

Note that currently Netflix only has access to the US NCIS And we don’t expect other regions to get any of the previous seasons in the future. As a result, the article targeted Netflixers in the United States.

NCIS Has been on our screens for over 15 years and fans are coming back for even more. It has spawned multiple spin-offs in its run with titles like the franchise NCIS: Los Angeles And NCIS: New Orleans But only the original series is used to get regular updates on Netflix.

For newcomers to the show, “The Major Case Response Team” is part of the fictional Naval Criminal Investigative Service. The team is based in the field office of the Washington Navy Yard in Washington DC. If a Marine Corps or Navy member commits an offense, the MCRT will be sent for investigation.

The series is one of the most watched series on Netflix US. Nielsen Top 10 Data continues to show that this series is a huge pull for consumers, earning 586 million minutes in the week between August 23 and August 29.

Will the 16-19 seasons of NCIS be released on Netflix?

Since 2018, CBS’s two major titles on Netflix have not received annual updates.

Season 15, which is still the newest season on Netflix, was added in June 2018 and since then, NCIS And Criminal Minds Not updated

So what’s going on? Officially, neither CBS nor Netflix has given us an announcement about the future of the show but we are probably waiting for the day when the agreement to get annual updates is over and now both titles will be removed from Netflix in favor of ViacomCBS’s Paramount +.

Ncis Availability Netflix

NCIS – Image: ViacomCBS

Speaking of Paramount +, you’re jumping on the bandwagon’s recently re-launched platform due to the absence of the three seasons that ViaCom CBS has already missed.

By September 2021, the best way to see Paramount + NCIS. We do not mean paramount + better streaming service, we suggest that it is the only way to watch every season NCIS. Missing Netflix seasons are on Paramount + and the service will also receive new episodes as soon as they air.

Two other CBS shows used to get regular updates on Netflix have also stopped but have yet to leave Netflix. Hawaii Five-0 Left Netflix in February, and Blue blood This will be followed in November 2019. Both shows are only available to air on CBS All Access.

What about other areas?

For fans of the show in the United Kingdom, NCISUnfortunately, not on Netflix. The show will air on Fox‌ in January 2019, and will be mostly available for on-demand catch-up on the Skysky Go app and Now TV.

In a similar situation in Canada and Australia, the show is not currently airing on Netflix. For Canada, the program is available to watch on Global TV and in Australia, the program is available on TenHD.

Do you want Netflix to have 16 to 19 seasons on Netflix? Do you look sad NCIS Leave Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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