Amazon Quiz – Who among these claimed 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Who among these claimed 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

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Who among these claimed 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Question no.1

Who among these claimed 3 gold medals at the recently concluded Commonwealth Games?

Answers – (A) Achanta Sharath Kamal

Question no.2

Advait Chandan is in the news for recently directing a Hindi remake of which famous Hollywood movie?

Answers – (B) Forrest Gump

Question no.3

This year’s third and final supermoon was visible between August 11 and 12, it was also called what?

Answers – (D) Sturgeon Moon

Question no.4

What is this shape of Christmas ornament called?

Answers – (A) Baubles

Question no.5

This monument, called Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, in Spain is a what?

Answers – (D) Opera House

Achanta Sharath Kamal and Her 3 Gold Medals at the Commonwealth Games

Recently, the Commonwealth Games were held in Birmingham, United Kingdom, and star athletes of India have dominated the scene. Among them were Achanta Sharath Kamal, who won 3 gold medals at the Games. In addition to these, Kamal also won the 4x100m relay and a gold medal in the heptathlon. Her story was captured in the Hindi remake of a Hollywood film, “Mahajan” by Advait Chandan.

British gymnasts have been enjoying a successful year. Alex Yee, a 19-year-old, won his first gold medal in the Commonwealth Games in 2022, after winning the mixed team relay. On the final day of the games, Dame Laura Kenny won gold for England. In addition, Chris Murray and Jake Jarman each claimed gold in weightlifting. Meanwhile, Olympic swimmer Adam Peaty lost out in the 100m breaststroke to English compatriot James Wilby.

Other countries have been equally impressive at the Games. Despite the small size of the country, Australia’s gold medals will be cherished for generations. Ascension Island, a former dependency of Saint Helena, and Tristan da Cunha, a part of the British Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, failed to win a medal despite having a population of almost 171 million, did not qualify for a team at the Commonwealth Games.

Britain’s Joe Fraser won his third gold medal in the Games on the parallel bars and Alice Kinsella won the floor event. However, the defending champion Georgia Godwin was just pipped in the beam event by teammate Kate McDonald. The pair embraced after McDonald’s score was announced. But the British team has a lot of more medal-winning gymnasts. They are making history in the sport.

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