YouTube’s huge recent ad profit challenge for Travel’s TV advertisers


In the old days – maybe eight or more years ago – you could tell when online travel companies would enter the new geography because there might be Advertising blitz on TV to introduce the brand.

Philip Schindler, Google’s main business offer at Parent Alphabet earlier this week heard its YouTube video section, traditional ways of reaching audiences on scheduled broadcast television, or so – called claims Linear TV, “Don’t really work anymore.”

The Schindler case is mostly.

In the first quarter, YouTube revenue rose 48 percent to $ 6 billion. Schindler called the “truly extraordinary” growth on YouTube due to the revamped direct response feature, which is largely due to retailers like Calvin Klein placing clickable product ads under YouTube videos.

However, many marketers inside and outside the travel industry understand the changing dynamics of broadcast TV and online videos. Schindler said “18- to 49-year-olds actually watch YouTube more than all linear TVs.”

Vrbo switches to YouTube, not Trivago

It is undoubtedly the leading holiday rental brand of Expedia, Vrbo, spent 82.6 million From the data, 91 percent of online and its US spending ads in January and February Cantor Media.

When asked recently about Vrbo’s YouTube exploits, a spokesman for Expedia Group said: “Our marketing strategies are unique to the brand and geography, and although we cannot share the specifics, we are seeing positive growth in all of our alternative accommodation brands in the display markets. In the coming weeks, we will be launching new marketing programs with the aim of continuing to attract hosts to our platforms. These programs spread across various media. ”

YouTube, which is mostly about expanding brand awareness for the travel business, is not the answer to many of the geographies below businesses and Kovid lockdowns that are looking for an effective cost for all companies at the moment.

During those two months, the latest figures available, the lodging search company Trivago spent all of its marketing money in the US, $ 18.3 million, on searches, and spent nothing on TV and videos, Cantor Media found. Expedia, for a Vrbo and Trivago sister brand search.2 33.2 million, and spent 6 4.6 million on TV in the US – and almost nothing in the video.

In late February, Airbnb launched a TV campaign, as well as YouTube, worldwide, and the Xperia brand recently did the same.

Free lists show ‘positive results’

Despite the advertising downturn at the beginning of the epidemic, Google is doing well these days. Alphabet’s net income rose 162 percent to $ 17.9 billion in the first quarter. Revenue rose 34 percent to $ 55.3 billion.

In other travel news from the revenue call, Schindler said the company is “already seeing positive results across the board” that it is giving to advertisers from its new feature. Free links Under paid ads in its hotel meta search business, Google Hotels.

“For advertisers, paid campaigns can be augmented with free lists,” he said.

Schindler claims that American Airlines is using something new Data insight tool Google was created to launch airlines to “meet demand on unused routes”.

“These newly prioritized routes have a higher booking rate in search this quarter compared to the previous quarter,” Pichai said.


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